Anders Christoffer Haugen

Anders Christoffer Haugen

M.Sc. in Education and Upbringing


Welcome to my personal website. I am a social scientist and pedagogue by education, and have a professional engagement with social structures and actions that promotes human dignity and the common good. For this professional engagement, a historical and conserving approach has been applied. From the point of view of history, the role of pedagogy has been as a guardian of human dignity and made it possible for human beings to develop their potential for reason and contribute to the common good. This role of pedagogy is no less of importance today and for the future, necessitating the conservation of its historical role.

History and conserving are something that also has been of interest in my leisure time. With over 15 years’ experience as a genealogist, local history has become a part of my interests with time. In addition to this do I have 25 years’ experience with music and 20 years’ experience with digital music production - now under the artistname Flandersh Vibes.

Professional Skills

  • Communication and Supervision
  • Upbringing and Formation
  • Relationships and Interaction
  • History of Educational Theory


  • Phd course in Philosophy of Education
  • Master of Science in Education
  • Bachelor in Social Science
  • Course in Suicide Prevention
  • Course in Pastoral Counseling
  • Course in Child- and Youth Management