About Flandersh Vibes

Flandersh Vibes is the result of a musical journey that started in 1990. Trained in piano as a kid, he turned to the digital music scene in 1999 and started producing music with Propellerheads Reason in 2002. In 2012 he switched to Presonus Studio One as his main workstation, making Reason and other VSTs a part of a greater production environment. In addition to being a music producer, with a focus on EDM and classical music, he loves to play with DSP in NI Reaktor and Flowstone.

Featured Music

Software and Reaktor Ensembles

FIG Pro is a Filter design software for Microsoft Windows tailored to the creation of impulse response files for convolution processors and chirps for system analysis.

GUI of Tonetta

Tonetta for Reaktor 6 is a synthesizer made for Trance, spotting 2 supersaw inspired oscillators with finetuning options and reverb, 2 multimode filters, and 4 arpeggiators.

Scorpion Multitap for Reaktor 6 is a modular stereo multitap delay with 8 taps for each channel and a feedback section with filters and delays. Each tap and the feedback section can be fed to another tap or back to the input. It additionally features bipolar amounts and a Mid/Side option.

The Beast is a full modular synth for Reaktor 6 with dual oscillators, two different filters, CV splitter and comprehensive mixer, and a sequencer in addition to its basic modules.

Pure T3be is a physical modelling synth for Reaktor 6 based upon a VOSIM oscillator and a Vocal-Tract Synthesis filter.

If you like what you hear or find the software or reaktor ensembles useful, please consider a PayPal donation in support of Flandersh Vibes.