Flandersh Tech

About Flandersh Tech

Flandersh Tech is a developer of software for digital music production, and is the result of over 25 years experience with music, music production, and music technology. The portfolio has included Refills for Propellerheads Reason, Ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor and standalone software, and he has been featured in the leading digital music production magazine Computer Music.


Tonetta SE GUI

Tonetta SE for Reaktor 6 is an updated and expanded version of my Tonetta synthesizer, featuring a new oscillator, new ZDF filters, a new tube filter based on vowel phonetics, and some new effects.

GUI of Tonetta

Tonetta is a trance synthesizer for NI Reaktor 6 featuring supersaw oscillators, tailor-made reverb, virtual analog filters and arpeggiators.

Scorpion Multitap is a modular stereo multitap delay for NI Reaktor 6.

The Beast is a full modular synthesizer for NI Reaktor 6 featuring dual multitype oscillators, virtual analog low pass filters, LFO, CV mixer and analog style step sequencer.

FIG Pro is a Filter Design Software for Microsoft Windows designed for the purpose of making impulse responses for convolution processors and chirps for system analysis.

Pure T3be is a physical modelling synthesizer for Reaktor 6 based upon vocal fold synthesis.

The software developed by Flandersh Tech is free to use, unless otherwise stated. If you find it useful in your work, a donation is always welcome.