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M.Sc. Anders Christoffer Haugen

Anders Christoffer Haugen is a social scientist and pedagogue with a Master of Science in Education and Upringing and several PhD courses in educational science. He has specialized in the educational history of ideas and how different educational concepts and ideas has come to and comes to expression in the educational practice of social institutions such as child welfare, school, communities of faith, organized recreational activities, and criminal care.

Anders Christoffer Haugen has solid experience with academic and personal counseling. The focus as an academic counselor has been to contribute to the development of ethical, critical, and academical skills in students, such that they become professionals that make good judgements with a basis in professional assessment and scientific evidence. The focus as a personal counselor has been to be a good listener and counselor that contribute to create spaces of personal growth and stimulate to the realization of the potential for rationality.